November 22nd, 2021

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Robert C. Jackson. Diversity

(1731) The Exact Weight Scale Company, Columbus Ohio. Огайо. США.

Компания Smith Scale из Колумбуса, штат Огайо, была основана в 1916 году для производства весов, разработанных Уолтером Стэндишем Смитом (1877-1940).
К 1930 году фирма стала Exact Weight Scale Co. Эта фирма представила этот образец Смитсоновскому институту в 1935 году. Дно разделено на секции,
чтобы можно было видеть механизм.

Rugged balance with a chrome finish, designed for commercial and industrial purposes.
The inscription on the front reads “THE EXACT WEIGHT SCALE CO., COLUMBUS, O. / ‘EXACT WEIGHT’ / MADE IN U.S.A. / U.S. PAT. NOS. NOV-8-1921 FEB-7-1922 / 1694442 / STYLE 8000.”
That on the back reads “EXACT WEIGHT / SCALE CO. / COLUMBUS, OHIO, U.S.A.” The scale reads “EXACT WEIGHT”  and over/under up to two ounces. There are two 1 pound cylindrical weights.
The Smith Scale Company, of Columbus, Ohio, was established in 1916, to manufacture scales and balances designed by Walter Standish Smith (1877-1940).
By 1930 the firm had become the Exact Weight Scale Co. That firm presented this example to the Smithsonian in 1935. The bottom is sectioned so that the mechanism can be seen.
Ref: Walter S. Smith, “Weighing Scale,” U.S. Patent 1,396,668 (Nov. 8, 1921), assigned to the Smith Scale Company.Walter S. Smith, “Scale,” U.S. Patent 1,405,634 (Feb. 7, 1922),
assigned to the Smith Scale Company.
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