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(482) Весы Бразилии

Весы системы Беранже, до 30-ти КГ. Изготовлены  Martins Ferreira в Сан-Пауло. Название весов - Manajos (название племени индейцев Амазонии).
На станине маркировка - IMF (Industrias Martins Ferreira).

Now on sale! Amazing antique cast iron balance scales from Brazil, dating to the early 1900s. The scales are large, heavy, and ornately designed, with two large brass pans that fit perfectly on top. This is so heavy, it was probably a store scale rather than a kitchen scale, but it would fit perfectly in a rustic farmhouse or cabin decor, and would also be great display item for a restaurant or for use as a photo prop. The scale is decorated with scrolls and stripes and is quite striking. It was made by Industrias Martins Ferreira, which is marked on the ornate housing around the zero indicator pointer. The initials IMF also appear on the four corners of the scale (below the pans), and the city it was made in, Sao Paulo, appears in the middle (S. Paulo). The scale weighs up to 30 kilograms, which is indicated on left and right (30 Ks). The world "Official" appears under the pointer, and finally the word Manajos arcs across the middle. This is the name of a tribe of Amazon Indians (also called the Amanye), but there may be an alternate meaning I'm not aware of, or this may just be the brand name. The scale is in very good condition overall, with a few issues that don't diminish its beauty. The housing around the pointer is broken in the front (see third photo), right below the opening. However, it's still bolted in place and the break is not noticeable. The pointer itself works well (though it doesn't quite hit zero), but it's loose and could come out when this is moved. (I'll remove it before mailing, and you can replace it with the help of some pliers.) The piece with IMF on it is broken off on one side on the back. I still have the piece; it can be placed back on under the bolt, fixed by a blacksmith, or just forgotten about (this is the back of the scale after all). The "Official" tag is also missing from the back. The brass pans are in excellent condition but have not been polished. Size: With pans in place, the scale is 27 inches wide x 14 inches tall x 12 inches deep (68.5 x 35.5 x 30.5 cm). Without pans, it is 24 1/2 inches wide x 14 inches tall x 9 1/4 inches deep (62.3 x 25.5 x 23.5 cm). The pans are 12 inches in diameter x 1 1/4 inch deep (30.5 x 3 cm) Note: This item is not returnable. To see more vintage home decor, click here: You can browse the rest of my shop here:
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