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(1064) Кантарики С - образные фирмы "SALTER". Англия

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Фирма "SALTER"-

Кантарик фирмы  "SALTER"
Взято из  -
Оригинальная конструкция - одно кольцо и два крюка. Пружина круглого сечения.

Mancur with the spring curled to form the little loops as well as the main C. Two load hooks but only one support ring, so the light
capacity is not as low as if an extra support ring had been positioned nearer the end of the C spring.
Salter catalogue 1893, showing their mancur with the Design Registration no. 6575 of 1882.

Из каталога фирмы GEO.SALTER & Co.
Предлагалось 4 модификации кантариков.
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