funtofil (Виталий Томчик) (funtofil) wrote,
funtofil (Виталий Томчик)

(1070) Фирма Chas. Forschner & Son, New Britain , Conn. U.S.A.

Old scale made by Chas. Forschner & Son, New Britain , Conn. U.S.A. It shows a patent date of October 13, 1912 and it has a capacity of 30 pounds. The metal parts appear to be nickel plated.The overall height from the hanging ring to the bottom of the tray is approximately 29âe. The outer diameter of the dial frame is 10-1/4âe. The diameter of the tray is 13âe.Mechanically, the scale seems to work just fine. The indicator needle travels smoothly around the dial as weight is applied and the needle is adjustable to read zero when the tray is empty.Except for a light cleaning of the tray surface, this scale is in as-found condition. I estimate that better than 90% of the plating is sound


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