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(1352) Фирма S. Mordan & Co. Postal Scale. С. Мордан и Ко. Почтовые весы

Гири и весы Великобритании
Почтовые весы
Почтовые весы системы Роберваля

Почтовые весы, выполненные из серебра.
A rare set of Edwardian solid silver Postal Scales, the beam stamped 'S Mordan & Co, London', having a circular stepped pan at one end and square plate to the other, upon a pierced 'A' frame,
all upon an engine turned silver pedestal base. Complete with set of five graduated weights. The plate engraved with postage rates for Inland, British Empire and Other Countries Letter Post rates.
By Sampson Mordan & Co, London, 1904 & 1910

Почтовые весы от 1 до 12 Унций.

Mordan Postal Scales with ornate brass frame, flat pan with rates 1oz to 12oz (1d to 4d) and sliding weight on notched beam (to 16oz) 12', 30cm long

Почтовые весы с  полным набором  цельнолитых гирь от компании, основанной известным лондонским производителем Сэмпсоном Морданом.
S. Mordan & Co. была ведущим производителем высококачественных почтовых весов, пишущих инструментов и различных канцелярских
принадлежностей на протяжении более 100 лет после своего основания в начале 1820-х годов.
S. Mordan & Co. Postal Scale. A postal scale from the early 1900s. Includes a full set of solid-cast weights from the company founded by the famous London maker, Sampson Mordan. S. Mordan & Co.
was a leading manufacturer of high-quality postal scales, writing instruments, and assorted stationery items for more than 100 years after its founding in the early 1820s. The polished brass
workings of this scale include a letter platform stamped with postage rates for mail not exceeding 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 ounces. According to the label on the base, letters or packets exceeding
12 oz. incurred a surcharge of one half pence for each incremental ounce. The oak base measures 10.4 x 5.3 x 5.1 inches.
A note in Eric P. Newman's hand indicates he bought this as lot #98 in a June 21, 2005 Christie's sale.
Ex: Eric P. Newman Numismatic Education Society.

This “Traveling Letter Weigher” is an example of a half-Roberval steelyard. The letter tray is stamped “S Mordan & Co London.”
It dates from around the late 1860s and comes complete with its own storage case.
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