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(021) Весы для определения подлинности монеты по весу. Cruciform rocker for coins.

Весы для взвешивания монет, упакованных в роллы

Весы, сбалансированные под определенный вес монеты. Гирь не требуют - положил (подвесил) монетку и, сразу видно, соответствует ли она номинальному весу.

Коромысловые весы с фиксированным противовесом для определения подлинности монеты по весу. Найдены на территории Российской Империи -

Весы монетные с номерными вырезами для разного типа монет. Османская империя. [П2-8]

Все остальные фото из Инета.

Весы монетные. Османская империя. 1850-1900 гг. Фото из Инета.

Весы монетные.

Весы монетные.

Весы монетные.

Деревянные монетные весы со свинцовыми вставками для тарировки веса

Деревянные монетные весы со свинцовыми вставками для тарировки веса

Весы деревянные, Османская империя. (1)

Весы деревянные, Османская империя. (2)

Весы деревянные, Османская империя. (3)

Весы монетные, Франция, Париж.

Record ID: DOR-E7C843
Object type: TUMBREL
Broad period: MEDIEVAL
County: Dorset
Workflow stage: Awaiting validation
An incomplete copper alloy trebuchet or tumbrel-type folding coin balance, Approximately half of the tumbrel survives, consisting of half of the vertical casing and half of the balance arm. Part of the hinge mechanism survives. The other side of the balance arm has been broken off. The arm is attached to the rectangular casing, articulating around a transverse axis bar across a retangular aperture in the frame. The casing is a tapering rectangular bar, flattened and thinned at one end and terminating in a point, probably for fixing it to a flat surface. The other end is hollowed on th…
Created on: Thursday 22nd February 2018
Last updated: Thursday 22nd February 2018

Тройные монетные весы

Американские монетные весы

Монетные весы. Фото из Инета.

Монетные весы для определения подлинности злотых. Коллекция Марека Солецкого. Kolekcja MAREK SOLECKI -

Монетные весы для определения подлинности австрийских крон.  Коллекция Марека Солецкого. Kolekcja MAREK SOLECKI -

Монетные весы с постановкой монеты на ребро

Antike Münzwaage Schliko Münzprüfer D.R.P. u. Ausl.P.a. ges. gesch.

Американские монетные весы. Производитель - Berrian M'F'G CO. Нью-Йорк. 1877 г. Коромысло имело отверстия для точного определения диаметра монеты.

Монетные весы Берштейна

Монетные весы

Brass Coin Rocker, possibly 17th century, believed to be for weighing a Charles I Two-Crown coin, with oval base, teardrop-shaped beam, and turned counterweight, wd. 2 in.
Estimate $500-700

Монетные весы по принципу римского безмена.

Весы John Joseph Merlin.

John Joseph Merlin (1735-1803), a rare and fine miniature steelyard, c.1780, with graduated beam with fine adjustment calibrated counterpoise, with silver pan within an original shaped green stained shagreen case with silver metal mounts, beam 7.1cm John Joseph Merlin, born Liege 1735, came to England 1760-died 1803. He is described in insurance papers in 1793 as "goldsmith, jeweller, watchmaker, harpsichord and musical instrument maker and general mechanic." He achieved celebrity at a function by playing a violin of his own make on roller skates, where he impaled himself against a mirror valued at £500, smashing it to atoms, along with the instrument and wounding himself most severely. He produced numerous novelties, mechanical dolls and entertaining items, an invalid chair, a personal weighing machine, a roasting jack, and a watch for John Constable. Dr Johnson notes in his diary for 28 March 1782 'Merlin's steelyard given me'. His silver swan automaton is in Bowes Museum. In Kenwood House is his portrait painted by Gainsborough in 1781, coin steelyard in hand. Most of the stock from Merlin's Mechanical Museum was sold to Thomas Weeks in 1804 for his newly opened museum in Tichborne St. His Will survives. John Joseph Merlin, The Ingenious Mechanick, published by Greater London Council 1982, a copy of which accompanies this lot.
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Монетные весы

Английские складные монетные весы для определения подлинности соверенов. Изготовитель - Роберт Лоу Престон. Длина - 13,8 см.

A brass-cased folding Guinea scale with the maker's labels of "A. WILKINSON, Ormskirk (Late of KIRKBY) Near Liverpool", the cover engraved in fine copperplate style with the owner's name, William Thompson [of] Slack, [Derbyshire], late 18th century. 129mm long (closed). For the label see Crawforth, p 94, fig 4

A mahogany-cased folding coin balance with paper label of "JOHN WHITLEY, ASHTON NEAR WARRINGTON, LANCASHIRE", complete with 3-part and 2-part composite weights to weigh Guinea, Half Guinea, 7 Shillings, Sovereign and Half-sovereign. See Crawforth, pp 99 and106 for the type, which was listed in directories from 1824

An early 19th-century mahogany-cased folding coin balance of rocker type, with paper label "T. SIMMONS'S IMPROVED SOVEREIGN BALANCE", to weigh Sovereigns an Half-sovereigns. 126mm long, (closed). See Crawforth, p 103, fig 43

An early 19th-century mahogany-cased folding coin balance, with label of "H. BELL and Co, Prescot, Lancashire", complete with five brass weights. See Crawforth, Michael, Weighing Coins, p 95, label 15 and p 141. Hamlet Bell died 1820. Case type 10, p.85

An extremely rare George IV rocker balance to balance Sovereigns and Half-sovereigns by J. Cottrell & Co., 1823-1825, a newly-identified maker*, in its red morocco case. 92mm. Note that the coin slots are at 90 ˚ to the norm
(* I am grateful to Michael Foster, author of an e-book, Coin Scales - English Rockers and Their Markings, for this information)

A Victorian "IMPROVED SOVEREIGN BALANCE" by B. CATTLE, to balance Sovereigns and Half-sovereigns, in paper case, 95mm long

A rare George III brass rocker balance to verify Half-crown, Shilling and Sixpence, 147mm. A Patent of George Raby of 1778 for a rocker balance to weigh coins of these denominations, makes no mention of gauge slots.

Редкие весы Харрисона викторианской эпохи для взвешивания соверенов

Фото из Инета.


Монетные весы редкой конструкции. Vintage H. Maranville Dial Coin Tester. April 30th, 1878. Фото из Инета.

Фото из Инета.

Фото из Инета.

Фото из Инета.

Весы для взвешивания золотого венгерского дуката. Одна чаша весов тяжелее другой ровно на вес дуката. Отклонение от верного веса показывала специальная шкала.
"WEIGHT-LESS" SELF-INDICATING DUCAT SCALE OUTFIT, German (Nuremberg), mid-18th century. This cleverly designed scale has a decoratively shaped cut steel beam 4-3/8" (11 cm) long, with suspension yoke, pointer, and integral arch cut with six tiny notches. Green silk strings support the two turned brass pans, one of which is heavier than the other (by exactly one Ducat's weight), and stamped with the coin's design, showing a figure holding an orb and scepter, and with the letters "HD" (for the Hungarian Ducat.) The original shaped wood case bears a printed instruction sheet, and a similar coin stamp to the wood. Condition is very fine and all original throughout.

In use, no weights are needed! The heavier pan should just balance the weight of a gold ducat placed in the lighter pan. For a genuine ducat, untampered with, the pointer will be vertical. If the coin has been shaved down the scale tilts and the deficiency in number of grains is automatically indicated by the notch on the arch. A fine example of this innovative form. (7394) $1950
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Римские весы для взвешивания бронзовых монет, Помпеи.

Статья "Костяные монетные весы из столицы Золотой Орды" -
Читать "Экзагии - искусство точного веса" -
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