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(245) Весы напольные медицинские (для персонального взвешивания). Person weighing scale.

Художник Василий Колотев.

John Joseph Merlin (1735-1803) was a Dutch inventor. He learned his trade as a mathematical instrument maker in Paris. Merlin moved to England in 1760. He founded his mathematical instrument-making business in 1773. Merlin invented this weighing machine. He also set up “Merlin’s Mechanical Museum”. This featured instruments such as weighing machines, clocks and even a device allowing blind people to play cards. His museum was popular in London as a place of amusement and instruction. Merlin, something of an entrepreneur, is also believed to have popularised roller skates.
Подробнее -

Весы фирмы "W & T. AVERY". Показывали не только вес, но и рост человека.

Весы, устанавливаемые в местах общественного пользования. Взвешивание производилось после оплаты монеткой.

Весы с ростоизмерителем. Фото из Инета.

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