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(1727) The Co - Operative Wholesale Society Birmingham (Кооперативное оптовое общество Бирмингем).

Гири и весы Великобритании

Весы до 4-х Фунтов. Клеймо - «Кооперативное оптовое общество Бирмингем».
Этот многопрофильный кооператив был основан еще в 1863 году и действует по сей день.

This is a 4 pound capacity weighing machine.
It is stamped "The Co Operative Wholesale Society Birmingham" It appears this is a piece of officially provided, or sanctioned equipment, used and distributed by the CWS.
We have been unable to find out the actual manufacturer of this scale.
It could be a W & T Avery Ltd. weighing machine ? But it carries no marks besides the CWS stamp. Perhaps they produced these scales themselves.
The far reaching co operative was started back in 1863, and they are in operation to this day.
This balance beam scale tower stands approximately  23 1/2 inches tall. The oak base measure 22 by 10 3/4 inches. The crossbar beam is approximately 13 3/4 inches wide.
The small round tray on the right is approximately 6 inches in diameter. The larger tray on the left is approximately 8 5/8ths inches in diameter.
The scale is a bit dusty, but it has a bright polished surface, it looks like chrome. The set of weights are brass or bronze.

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