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(288) Весы для взвешивания хлеба. Bread Scales

A rare early brass bread scale made by United Yeast Company, England. On this equal arm balance, the set of hooks, which are suspended from the beam were used to hold the loaf of bread. On the other side is the pan for putting on weights. The scales are marked 'United Yeast Company' 'To Weigh 4 Lbs' and 'Class C'. The United Yeast Co. was founded by the D.C.L. (Distillers Company Ltd) in 1899 as a subsidiary
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A very rare early steel steelyard bread scale made by W. Avery & Co, England. The attached, lemon shaped, weight on the beam swivels back and forth for measuring two and four pound loaves. The set of hooks that is suspended from the beam was used to hold the loaf of bread. Above the beam is an arc, which holds at its tip a slot. The beam is also an indicator. It can show on the slot, how much more or less a loaf weighs relative to 2 or 4 pounds. In this, this scale is unique. Most other Avery scales that we have seen do not have this added advantage. The scale contains a lead seal for verification and is marked Avery Ltd (which dates the scale to post 1891), patent Class 2 (which dates the scale to pre 1907).
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Rare Victorian Brass Bakers Bread Scales - The United Yeast Company 4lbs

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