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(295) Весы гидростатические К. Мора. Hydrostatic balance of K. Mora


Весы гидростатические системы Вестфаля
1925 - 1935 гг. Москва. Завод "Метрон".
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Джордж Адамс старший. (1709-1772) переехал на Флит-стрит в 1760 году, а его помещению в июле 1766 года присвоили номер 60.
В 1761 году он сделал серию чертежей инструментов, которые делал для короля Георга III.

Private Collection, West Midlands, U.K.

This balance was used to determine the specific gravity of solids by weighing the samples in air and water. It is engraved on the beam ‘Made by GEO ADAMS
at Tycho Brahe’s Head in Fleet Street London’. It was described in 1704 by John Harris (1666-1719) in his Lexicon Technicum,
or Universal Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, the first dictionary of science in English.
George Adams Snr. (1709-1772) moved to Fleet Street in 1760 and his premises were given the number 60 in July 1766.
In 1761 he made a series of drawings of instruments that he was making for King George III. The drawings, as well as many of the instruments,
have survived and clearly show mechanical apparatus with beams of this form and the examen (pointers) are of exactly this shape.
English ca.1760. Note that the beaker is later.

See: Science Museum Library, MS 204, Plate 16.
Objects lent by Anonymous Lender II, West Midlands, UK:

Весы гидростатические системы Вестфаля.  Фото из Инета

Одно из первых изображений гидростатических весов.

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