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(339) Гири для ткацких станков

Вертикальный ткацкий станок периода свайных построек

Гири ткацких станков Викингов.
More fabulous viking artifacts from the Historisk Museum-- This photo is a selection of loom weights.

Греческая ваза с изображением ткацкого станка.

Телемак и Пенелопа.

Greek loom weight with cow, 4th century B.C. Eastern Mediterranean, Greek pottery loom weight with cow, 4 cm diameter. Private collection

Greek loom weight, 4th century B.C. Greek loom weight, Greek inscribed loom weight with palmette and greek inscription ΘΑCΙΟΝ / ΔΙΑΓΟΡΑ Diagora of Thasos. Private collection

Греческий сосуд с изображением ткацкого станка.

Greek weight, Greek loom weight, 3rd century B.C. Greek weight, Greek loom weight, kneeling figure figure and inscription ΑΡΙΣΤΟ. Private collection

Greek pottery loom weight with goat, 4th century B.C. Greek pottery loom weight with goat and inscription. Private collection

A Greek Terracotta Loom Weight with Bearded Male Face. A Greek terracotta loom weight with bearded male face, c. 5th - 4th Century BC, of oval shape, the backside rounded. On the facing side a nicely molded image of the face a bearded man, showing good style and detail. Two holes at top for suspension. L: 3 ᄐヤ (8.3 cm). Intact, traces of pigment. A neat example! Ex Orange County private collection. Est Value $300 - $400.

Terracotta loom-weight with a comic actor seated on an altar, perhaps Priam at the sack of Troy. Western Greek, ca. 7 cm diameter, 109 g.

Фото из Инета.

Гири ткацких станков. Музей Хехта в Хайфе (Израиль).

Фото из Инета.

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